System BL

The sealing ring (BL) is specially designed for plastic pipes and fittings made of PP and PVC materials, in accordance with the standards EN 1451-1 and EN 1401-1, and meets the requirements of the EN 681-1 WC standard.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Methylene) material is an ideal choice for seals that require resistance to UV rays, aging, temperature changes, oxidation, ozone, as well as resistance to various acids and alcohols. Thanks to its characteristics, EPDM material provides exceptional durability of the seals, with an expected lifespan of over 100 years.


  1. Excellent joint adhesion.
  2. The rubber seal can be installed manually or automatically by inserting the ring.

Standard dimensions are available in the range from Ø32 to Ø630.

Rubber seals for

corrugated pipes

Sealing rings for corrugated pipes are developed and produced according to specific customer requirements. The geometry of the lip and ring is meticulously designed to perfectly fit into the corrugated structure of the pipes.

These seals also comply with the European standard EN681-1WC, ensuring high quality and performance.

 We take pride in our ability to manufacture tools based on our clients' measurements. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to ensure that the seals precisely match the specified dimensions and requirements.

Available dimensions range from Ø75 to Ø800.

3S system

The 3S lip seal ring for PVC pressure pipes is a product that meets the highest European standards. Manufactured in compliance with the renowned European standard EN1456-1, this sealing ring has been carefully designed and precisely crafted to deliver exceptional performance.

Made from high-quality EPDM material, our seal is fully compliant with the European standard EN681-1WC, guaranteeing its superior quality. With a hardness of 60IRHD, this seal provides an optimal balance between flexibility and strength.

Our seal for PVC pressure pipes ensures a reliable and secure connection, delivering outstanding sealing in all conditions. Its thoughtfully designed geometry allows for easy installation and maximum efficiency.

Available dimensions range from Ø63 to Ø630.

Other products

Other rubber products for sealing pipes and fittings in sewage and plumbing systems, as well as non-standard rubber elements, can be produced at client’s request.

All requests for production of non-standard rubber elements are first analyzed, and after the necessary technical documentation is created, are sent into production on machines for rubber injection or compression.